Pop. 1280 ‎- The horror

Pop. 1280 ‎- The horror
Pop. 1280 ‎- The horror
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Format: Viny (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sacred Bones Records (SBR-104)
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Release Date: 08/2013
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“ is an uncompromisingly grim record that's likely alienating to anyone in good psychological health. The Horror is as ugly as its title suggests, full of tension and aggression, never falling back on B-movie schlocky humor or ridiculous posturing as a crutch..." (

"...New York noise quartet Pop. 1280 gets their name from a Jim Thompson crime novel, and like Thompson, the band paints a bleak picture on The Horror, their full length debut. On opener “Burn the Worm”, tension-filled guitar lines and savage drums unleash a primal, yet controlled fury, accompanied by hideously visceral lyrics such as “two dogs fucking/digging for gold.” Forget foreboding; the danger is already here. On album highlight “Bodies in the Dunes”, vocalist Chris Burg grimly chants the song’s title with a completely desensitized affect, while rusted nail guitars screech in agony. It’s five minutes of hopelessly unrelenting ferocity that shows no mercy and takes nary a prisoner. “Beg Like a Human” takes brutality to new heights, as Burg invokes his best animal metaphor: “The thing about dogs is that they don’t know what they are doing/I want you to beg like a human, a human dog.”..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Burn The Worm     
A2 New Electronix     
A3 Nature Boy     
A4 Bodies In The Dunes     
A5 Cyclotron     

B1 Beg Like A Human     
B2 Dogboy     
B3 West World     
B4 Hang 'em High     
B5 Crime Time 

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