Hawkwind - Onward (Ltd 2xLP Coloured)

Hawkwind - Onward (Ltd 2xLP Coloured)
Hawkwind - Onward (Ltd 2xLP Coloured)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Rock Classics (RCV080LPSE)
Special Attributes: Ltd 180gr Coloured vinyl, gatefold cover, includes poster
Release Date: 2012
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"The album is still wholly Hawkwind however, with distorted vocals, hazy, hard rocking riffs, and that smooth, mysterious feel that radiates from Hawkwind’s music, that entrances the listener and creates a strong desire to listen to the great music" (

"..The album represents everything someone would come to expect from a classic Hawkwind album, the heavier tracks like the opener “Seasons,” and the excellent follower “The Hills Have Ears,” and those easily identifiable Hawkwind segues in the vein of “The Wizard Blew His Horn.” The acoustic “Mind Cut” at first sounds like something that could’ve been released by The Flaming Lips, and calls to mind “Five Stop Mother Superior Rain,” both of them being thoroughly enjoyable songs. “The Southern Cross” is easily one of the best tracks here, with synthesizers bounding about, serene flute in the background, and uniform entrancing drums throughout. This track and its succeeding counterpart “The Prophecy” are two perfect examples of the mind-attracting atmosphere that this album and Hawkwind in general are known for, however they are not even close to the only examples..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Seasons    
A2 The Hills Have Ears    
A3 Mind Cut    
A4 System Check    
A5 Death Trap    

B1 Southern Cross    
B2 The Prophecy    
B3 Electric Tears    
B4 The Drive By    
B5 Computer Cowards    

C1 Right To Decide    
C2 Aerospace Age    
C3 The Flowering Of The Rose    

D1 Howling Moon    
D2 Trans Air Trucking    
D3 Deep Vents    
D4 Green Finned Demon    
D5 Untitled 

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