The Coral - Butterfly House

The Coral - Butterfly House
The Coral - Butterfly House
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Deltasonic Records (DLTLP086)
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Release Date: 2010
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"The present glut of aspiring British bands has never more seemed like an expanse of flotsam adrift on the seas of pop culture. The Coral’s Butterfly House exists as a welcoming aural paradis—though, thankfully, not an Oasis." (

"...the music of Coral frontman James Skelly and his assembled sextet does, at times, give off distinct whiffs of West Coast rock of yore: a drifting billow of vocal harmonies here, a dalliance with Eastern or Mideast tonal structures there; garnish with twelve-string and serve.  Which is in itself not an unusual thing for Liverpudlians, if one thinks of, say, Ian McCulloch’s similar dabblings on Bunnymen songs like “The Cutter”.  Skelly’s vocal phrasing on songs like Butterfly House‘s opening track, “More Than a Lover”, even resembles McCulloch’s, minus the latter‘s fondness for drama. Even so, the Coral’s post-millennial psych take is conveyed with such wistfulness and delicacy that it works somehow.  Retro, perhaps, but in a good way.  (Never an easy thing to pull off: West Coast music being, after all, as much about the Eagles as it is Arthur Lee.) ..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 More Than A Lover    
A2 Roving Jewel    
A3 Walking In The Winter    
A4 Sandhills    
A5 Butterfly House    
A6 Green Is The Colour    
A7 Falling All Around You    

B1 Two Faces    
B2 She's Coming Around    
B3 1000 Years    
B4 Coney Island    
B5 North Parade 

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