The Paperhead - Focus In On... The Looking Glass

The Paperhead - Focus In On... The Looking Glass
The Paperhead - Focus In On... The Looking Glass
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Ample Play (AMPLALP023)
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Release Date: 2011
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"...As the album fades out with birdsong and the hum of a distant aeroplane, you are well advised to go and make yourself a nice cup of tea in order to lubricate your gradual restoration to reality. Pay attention, Nashville; you have a new sound, and it’s ace!" (

"...The Paperhead as sounding a bit like “an especially monged Olivia Tremor Control travelling back in time through a swamp in Ray Davies’ garden.” And, even upon further listening, we very much choose to stand by this. Opener “Rounding Out” is basically “Taxman” after a colossal bong hit, just on the ‘charm’ side of ‘ramshackle’ in a way that disintegrates you atom by atom and restores you in the band’s own sun-dazzled parallel universe, and this leaves “Yellow Book” as the more coherent welcoming party, all jangle ‘n’ fuzz in a peacock plumage display of tangential unison. That may not entirely make sense, but even at this early stage that ship has sailed..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Rounding Out    
A2 Yellow Book    
A3 Dear Mr. Vacant
A4 Monthly Meteorological Magazine    
A5 Carousal    
A6 In A Living Swing    

B1 Haze
B2 Railroad Crossing    
B3 Evergreen Tangerine    
B4 The Coyote    
B5 Greeting Hare 

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