Wymond Miles - Cut Yourself Free

Wymond Miles - Cut Yourself Free
Wymond Miles - Cut Yourself Free
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sacred Bones (SBR-106)
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Release Date: 10/2013
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"...Cut Yourself Free which is a darkly pretty record and another nice addition to Sacred Bones’ catalog. Throughout, Miles combines the romantic post-punk of the aforementioned songs with occasional stripped-down elegance and blocky vintage synth riffs and it’s definitely worth your time..." (

"...There's a much more claustrophobic feel to the album, with Miles' vocals often on the verge of being distorted and the synths pushed so high in the mix at times that they are hard to escape. Thanks to the production and Miles' penchant for pushing the drama harder than ever, there's a weird funhouse queasiness to the album. Even the poppiest songs like "Night Drives" and "Why Are You Afraid?" tilt and turn on themselves, sounding like strange reflections of pop songs instead of the real thing. The more traditionally spooky songs that have a deep Nick Cave/Bad Seeds feel are definitely served well by the production and tend to linger in the listener's mind like a creeping fog. So are the tracks like "Passion Plays," sounding like lost Echo & the Bunnymen A-sides that the band forget to record back in 1983..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 The Ascension    
A2 Passion Plays    
A3 Night Drives    
A4 White Nights    
A5 Bronze Patina    

B1 Vacant Eyes    
B2 Anniversary Song    
B3 Why Are You Afraid?    
B4 Love Will Rise 

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