Songs: Ohia - S/T

Songs: Ohia - S/T
Songs: Ohia - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Secretly Canadian (SC004LP)
Special Attributes: Reissue on triple-gatefold jacket which includes expanded artwork
Release Date: 2004
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"...The compositions here are elemental, filled with flame as well as steel and stone, and they tie Molina's native Ohio together with his current home, Chicago. In the process of recording another incredible album, he's discovered that light is most visible when it's flickering alone in the dark." (

"...Springing fully formed from the mind of singer/guitarist Jason Molina, this is one mature debut album. The instrumentation is just right: Molina knows exactly when to compliment his tenor guitar and haunting vocals with a touch of banjo and woodwinds. Likewise, Molina shows a brave restraint in places, stripping songs down to their bare minimum and allowing them fly or fall on their own power. This album paints with broad brushstrokes the territory that Molina explores in more detail with subsequent Songs: Ohia albums. With vaguely circular lyrical patterns and diction that seems to flow out of some as yet undiscovered folk tradition, these songs speak of love in terms of fear and exhilaration..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Cabwaylingo    
A2 Crab Orchard    
A3 Cauley Bridge    
A4 Blue Jay    
A5 Tenskwatawa    
A6 White Sulfur    
A7 Our Republic    

B1 Big Sewell MT.    
B2 Cotton Hill    
B3 Dogwood Gap    
B4 Greenbrier    
B5 Little Beaver    
B6 Blue Stone    
B7 U.M.W. Pension 

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