Loop - A Gilded Eternity (2xLP plus 7")

Loop - A Gilded Eternity (2xLP plus 7")
Loop - A Gilded Eternity (2xLP plus 7")
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Special Attributes: New master recut at 45rpm over 2 x 12” & with the bonus 7”
Release Date: 12/2013
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“...Taken as a whole, it's Hawkwind minus the goofiness & Spacemen 3 minus the unnecessary tangents. Hampson broke the band up after this one & it's easy to see why. He'd taken loud guitars as far as he could & that experimentalist streak inside of him was obviously dying to be purged. Psychotic hypnotists they were..." (

"...The 7 tracks on the album (plus the two tracks on the bonus 7”) are from a band at the absolute peak of their power; there was far more to Loop than bludgeoning riffs and cranking up the gain control. Here was a band that also traded in textures, pace and a no less intoxicated alternative to the saucer-eyed ravers who were ‘avin’ it large to the bands that had always had a dance element to their music. A Gilded Eternity was the moment that Loop slipped loose the anchor and set sail into a universe that was entirely their own. A Gilded Eternity was and is a collection of hypnotic mantras, tracks that used repetition deliberately and methodically to induce a trance-like state. The epic ‘Be Here Now’ is a typical case: built around a circling, swooping riff, its build-up is both subtle and jarring, coming on with all the stealth and power of an unexpurgated LSD trip..." (

Track List

A1 Vapour         
A2 Afterglow    

B1 The Nail Will Burn    
B2 Blood    

C1 Breathe Into Me        
C2 From Centre To Wave        

D Be Here Now    

E Shot With A Diamond        
F The Nail Will Burn (Burn Out) 

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