Grouper - Ruins

Grouper - Ruins
Grouper - Ruins
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Kranky (Krank189LP)
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Release Date: 10/2014
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"...Engulfed by political anger, emotional debris, and natural beauty, she created a document of, as she writes, “living in the remains of love.” Ruins is what its name suggests: spacious, haunting, and delicate..." (

"...Here, the incidental noises—crickets, croaking frogs, thunder and rain, and, at one point, the unmistakable beep of a microwave oven that fired up after a blackout in the house where she was recording—serve primarily to underscore how stark the music is, unadorned and pocked with vast silences. Ruins is Grouper's "unplugged" record, essentially, as much as that might sound odd for a musician who has always put acoustic guitar and piano and voice at the core of her work. Here, however, she foreswears the looping pedals and the innumerable layers of fuzz that are just as essential to her aesthetic. What we're left with is achingly beautiful and, given the intensely private nature of most of Grouper's work—on stage, she often plays sitting down, crouched over in order to manipulate her effects pedals, her face hidden in shadow—almost unnervingly direct..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen the album in full here)

A1 Made Of Metal     
A2 Clearing     
A3 Call Across Rooms     
A4 Labyrinth     
A5 Lighthouse     
A6 Holofernes

B1 Holding     
B2 Made Of Air

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