Kostas Bezos And The White Birds - S/T (+CD)

Kostas Bezos And The White Birds - S/T (+CD)
Kostas Bezos And The White Birds - S/T (+CD)
Format: Vinyl (LP+CD) 
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Label (Code): Olvido (OLV-002), Mississippi Records (MRP-098)
Special Attributes: Includes 18-track CD, plus 32-page illustrated booklet with detailed historical, biographical and discographical information
Release Date: 02/2017
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"...The first-ever compilation of Xabagies, the nearly forgotten Hawaiian-influenced music of 1930s Greece, focused on the compositions of Kostas Bezos and his ensemble White Birds..."

A world-class slide guitarist, political cartoonist, and sleepless Bohemian, Kostas Bezos created some of the most unique music of any era: surrealist guitar portraits blurring Athens and Honolulu, haunting tropical serenades, wild acoustic orchestras, and heartbreaking steel guitar duets. LP version includes a 28 page booklet with extensive notes by Tony Klein and Dimitri Kourtis, unpublished photographs, lyrics, obituaries, and a bonus CD containing 18 additional tracks. Mastered from original 78s by Michael Graves. Co-released by Olvido Records, edition of 1000

Track List
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A1 The White Birds In The Mountains Τ’Άσπρα Πουλιά Στα Βουνά    
A2 Why Love? Γιατί ν’αγαπάς    
A3 Don't Ask Me (Sosos Ioannidis) Μη Με Ρωτάς    
A4 Smart Σμάρτ    
A5 Hip Hop-fox Χιπ χοπ φοξ    
A6 Oh, Athens Άχ Αθήνα    
A7 I Forgot (That I Loved You) Λησμόνησε    

B1 Koubaneziko (Cuban Song) Κουμπανέζικο    
B2 Utterly Crazy Τρέλα Πέρα Για Πέρα    
B3 Sweet Nights Νύχτες Γλυκές    
B4 Carmela (tango) Καρμελα ταγκό    
B5 At Laïni's Tavern Στου Λαϊνη Την Ταβέρνα    
B6 Heart Orphaned By Love Καρδιά Απ' Αγάπη Ορφανή    
B7 Lady Ukulele Λαίντυ Γιουκούλελε

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