Boris - Noise (2xLP)

Boris - Noise (2xLP)
Boris - Noise (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Sargent House (SH-121)
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Release Date: 06/2014
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"...Pink still remains Boris’ best record, and the best entry-point into their staggering catalogue. But Noise is the best album since that, a staggering, cathartic masterpiece that won’t have much competition in terms of quality in 2014..." (

"...Shortly before the halfway point of “Angel”, the eighteen-minute centerpiece of Boris’ latest record, the band's guitarist Wata chases after God. The instrument of her noble pursuit is an extravagant, elegiac solo: her axe weeps and wails like a professional mourner, eventually tearing the surrounding space asunder to allow everything—the dark and the light, the leaden and the featherweight—to rush in. It's this sensation that's earned the Japanese trio a seat at the pantheon of heaviness: this alchemy by which the act of listening to loud rock music is transformed into an encounter with the sublime...A self-proclaimed “noise” band renowned for Melvins-style sludge and Merzbow collaborations, Boris excel at playing around with magnitudes. But they’re sneakier than they appear: their true calling card isn't brute force, but carefully calculated punishment..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Melody
A2 Vanilla

B1 Ghost Of Romance
B2 Heavy Rain
B3 Taiyo No Baka


D1 Quicksilver
D2 Siesta

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