Big Star - #1 Record

Big Star - #1 Record
Big Star - #1 Record Big Star - #1 Record
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Ardent (ADS 2803)
Special Attributes: US Reissue
Release Date: 1972 (2009)
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In 1972 nobody except Big Star to sound like this - simple, light pop with sweet harmonies & jangly guitars. Since then, dozens of bands have rediscovered those pleasures. But in a way, Big Star's craft is only confirmed. These are sturdy songs, feelingly performed & once you get beyond the style to the content, you'll still be impressed. (extracted from

While Memphis was known for blues, soul, and R&B, and much of the rest of the rock world featured much heavier tunes, Big Star’s sound was firmly rooted in 1960s pop. Bell’s love for the Beatles inspired the Bell/Chilton writing credit on every song ala Lennon/McCartney and the band sounded like mid-period Beatles meet the Byrds with a little of the Kinks for good measure. Not many bands sounded like this in 1972 or even wanted to, and that may have hurt Big Star at the time, but they were very good at what they did. Their debut mixed Bell rockers such as “Feel,” with its Robert Plant-like vocals, the urgent ‘Don’t Lie To Me” and “In The Street” (known more recently from the fine Cheap Trick cover used on “That 70s Show”) with the more wistful Chilton numbers, including the George Harrison-sounding “The Ballad of El Goodo” and “Thirteen,” a look back at Chilton and Bell’s childhood. It’s a well-crafted, layered piece of pop perfection, with perhaps the only misstep being Hummel’s “The India Song.” (

Track List

A1 Feel        
A2 The Ballad Of El Goodo        
A3 In The Street        
A4 Thirteen        
A5 Don't Lie To Me        
A6 The India Song        

B1 When My Baby's Beside Me        
B2 My Life Is Right        
B3 Give Me Another Chance        
B4 Try Again        
B5 Watch The Sunrise        
B6 ST 100/6 

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