Εικόνα   Συγκρότημα - Τίτλος (Νέα-Παλιά Καταχώρηση)+   Εταιρία (Α-Ζ)   Είδος   Τιμή   Αγορά 
Bizarre - Beautica (Ltd) Bizarre - Beautica (Ltd)

"...It is a historic piece of music since it pre-dates the advent of Pia Fraus, arguably the most well-known of the Estonian indie bands..." (

 SekSound   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Pia Fraus - Wonder What It's Like (Ltd) Pia Fraus - Wonder What It's Like (Ltd)

"...Pia Fraus’ debut Wonder What It’s Like is a brilliant beginning for what I consider to be a very important band in the history of dreampop..." (

 SekSound   Vinyl (LP)  €23.50 Αγορά 
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