Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh (2xLP)

Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh (2xLP)
Blanck Mass - Dumb Flesh (2xLP)
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Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Sacred Bones (SBR-136)
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Release Date: 05/2015
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"Dumb Flesh is filled with handclaps, 808s and is-that-human-or-what? vocal samples..." (

"Hell has probably never needed a soundtrack to play whilst the fires of eternal damnation are being stoked by pointy-tailed red dudes, but on the off-chance it does, we may have just found it. 'Dumb Flesh' is the latest offering from Fuck Buttons' side-project Blanck Mass and a truly nightmarish tone runs throughout. Fuck Buttons are hardly known for their radio-friendly jams, but the white noise, uncompromising textures and punishing percussion that underpin Benjamin John Power's record take things to the next level..." (Read more:

Track List (Stream the album in full)

A1 Loam
A2 Dead Format
A3 No Lite

B1 Atrophies
B2 Cruel Sport
B3 Double Cross

C1 Lung
C2 Detritus

D1 Life Science (Ambient Suite)

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