Massive Attack - Mezzanine (2xLP Ltd)

Massive Attack - Mezzanine (2xLP Ltd)
Massive Attack - Mezzanine (2xLP Ltd) Massive Attack - Mezzanine (2xLP Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Virgin (0602537540433)
Special Attributes: 2nd official re-release
Release Date: 11/2014
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"...Darker, slicker, and more monstrous than the group’s fizzy first steps, Mezzanine relied on heavy sampling to braid together disparate threads in music’s history...! (

...Elizabeth Fraser. While Shari Nelson and Tracy Thorn are both perfectly decent singers (understatement of the year), they always seemed to draw attention away from the music for me, except in the case of the 1991 classic Unfinished Sympathy. On the other hand, Elizabeth Fraser's voice is just plain perfect. It's more than perfect; it's divine. If I believed in God, I would imagine it to have a voice like hers. Her singing brings emotion to Massive Attack's songs that may have seemed inconceivable before. Fraser's ending to Teardrop makes it one of the most moving moments of the album. She just adds to much beauty to Mezzanine, and I do not think it would it would have made it so far without her! (Read More:

Track List (Listen the album in full)

A1 Angel        
A2 Risingson        
A3 Teardrop        

B1 Inertia Creeps        
B2 Exchange        
B3 Dissolved Girl    

C1 Man Next Door    
C2 Black Milk        
C3 Mezzanine        

D1 Group Four    
D2 (Exchange)

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