Vision Fortune - Night Jukes (Ltd Col.)

Vision Fortune - Night Jukes (Ltd Col.)
Vision Fortune - Night Jukes (Ltd Col.) Vision Fortune - Night Jukes (Ltd Col.)
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Cardinal Fuzz (CFUL018)
Special Attributes: Limited to 150 copies on Pink vinyl
Release Date: 09/2013
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“...These brass sounds conclude the EP with an awaited fade-out that could have been 60 minutes down the line and listeners still wouldn’t notice or even mind. It’s an array of delight, a compilation of stark psych recordings in the modern age..." (

"Most songs on the EP begin in exactly the same place as where they end. Opener 'Heavy Saddles' starts with a crunchy guitar blurting out a single chord over and over again. As the track progresses, rhythms jostle into place and synths enter the slipstream, but nothing major interrupts the unwavering mantra stipulated in those crucial opening seconds. The entire EP pretty much follows the same pattern throughout. Subsequent tracks bring in vocals, but there is no attempt to make the lyrics particularly stand out, instead they simply bring another layer of smoke to an already hazy trip..."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 Heavy Saddles       
A2 Natural Faze        
A3 Drag        

B4 In My Fathers House There Are Mansions        
B5 Black Ocean Glow 

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