Goldfrapp - Head First (Ltd)

Goldfrapp -	Head First (Ltd)
Goldfrapp -	Head First (Ltd) Goldfrapp -	Head First (Ltd) Goldfrapp -	Head First (Ltd)
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Mute (9442-1)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition 180g Vinyl, Includes cd of the album, Gatefold cover
Release Date: 2010
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"...Remarkably, the bold, full-on cheese works, because this is an album of classic pop" (Mojo)

"...On their fifth album, the duo has put away the maypole and mummery of 2008’s folk-flavoured Seventh Tree, and rummaged through the box marked big synths, lasers, jumpsuits and all things shiny. And the results are all-out pop, gloriously so. Not that they haven’t expressed this side before, as the big choruses and winning hooks of the likes of Ooh La La, Caravan Girl, Strict Machine and A&E have shown in the past, but here they maintain the quality throughout a full album. Opener Rocket is a fine continuation of the above lineage. It couldn’t be more 80s if it arrived sweaty from a Jane Fonda workout, dressed in a neon legwarmers and a fashionably ripped Van Halen t-shirt. If it doesn’t knock the top ten for six, that’ll be a mystery for future generations to mull..." (

Track List
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A1 Rocket         
A2 Believer         
A3 Alive         
A4 Dreaming         
A5 Head First       
B1 Hunt         
B2 Shiny And Warm         
B3 I Wanna Life         
B4 Voicething

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