Cliff Martinez - Drive (O.S.T) (2xLP Col.)

Cliff Martinez - Drive (O.S.T) (2xLP Col.)
Cliff Martinez - Drive (O.S.T) (2xLP Col.) Cliff Martinez - Drive (O.S.T) (2xLP Col.)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Invada (INV106LP)
Special Attributes: 180g pressing on Blue & Pink Vinyl
Release Date: 2013
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“...Effective and memorable soundtracks need to either introduce you to new music that works on its own or transport you into the world of the film. Drive manages to do both, mostly thanks to the five songs that come early in the album, preceding Martinez's score..." (

"...As Ryan Gosling’s unnamed character grips the wheel tightly with his gloved hands and awaits his initial getaway, viewers of the 2011 cult classic, Drive, get their first glimpse of Cliff Martinez’s (Red Hot Chili Peppers) brilliant score, the ever evolving tempo comprising “Tick Of The Clock” adding a palpable layer of tension over the opening scene. And by the time the driver’s thieves exit his getaway vehicle — Gosling navigating the Los Angeles cityscape with expert precision — we’re treated to the first complete song from the soundtrack, Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx’s neon-coated “Nightcall.” The early moments of musical perfection are simply a preview of what to come, as the soundtrack, presented on vinyl by Invada Records, represents its very own character within the narrative."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
A2 Desire – Under Your Spell    
A3 College Feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero    
A4 Riz Ortolani Feat. Katyna Ranieri – Oh My Love    
A5 Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock    

B1 Cliff Martinez – Rubber Head
B2 Cliff Martinez – I Drive    
B3 Cliff Martinez – He Had A Good Time    
B4 Cliff Martinez – They Broke His Pelvis    
B5 Cliff Martinez – Kick Your Teeth    

C1 Cliff Martinez – Where's The Deluxe Version?    
C2 Cliff Martinez – See You In Four    
C3 Cliff Martinez – After The Chase    
C4 Cliff Martinez – Hammer    

D1 Cliff Martinez – Wrong Floor    
D2 Cliff Martinez – Skull Crushing    
D3 Cliff Martinez – My Name On A Car    
D4 Cliff Martinez – On The Beach    
D5 Cliff Martinez – Bride Of Deluxe 

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