Mmoss & Quilt - New Hampshire Freaks (10")

Mmoss & Quilt - New Hampshire Freaks (10")
Mmoss & Quilt - New Hampshire Freaks (10")
Format: Vinyl (10") 
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Label (Code): Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (BBIBR004)
Special Attributes: Black 10" vinyl with amazing insert artwork
Release Date: 04/2013
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"...Two of the Boston-area’s best bands MMOSS and Quilt get together and get weird all over each other! Brooklyn's psych label "Beyond Beyond Is Beyond" pressed up this 10-inches of hazy glory – let’s let them hip us to these New Hampshire freaks!..." (

"...The EP begins with “Nothing Left” by MMOSS, setting us up with a good helping of folksy wonderment that stems from shadowy vocals and the dark, murky complexion that swallows the whole track. It quickly creates ethereal qualities through the smokey textures, revealing gently warming guitars and shimmering percussion. It’s almost as if the sun is attempting to shine through thick, stormy clouds with little hope. Quilt’s track “Open Eyes” unfolds with a noticeably brighter twang, bringing in glinting guitar licks paired with breathy vocals that create some soothing harmonies. As the track picks up momentum we find ourselves being pulled into a breezy lysergic swirl, spilling over with dueling guitar tones for a combination of trippy fuzz and chilly, glowing sparkles. They both set us up for the frightening, forested psych-rock affair “Sandy”. The track pays homage to primitive 60s and 70s psych, sounding extremely tribal almost like you’re part of a strange ritual. Buzzy, strobing textures and broken guitar jangles plague all 15 minutes, but somewhere in the middle the vibes from the first half change. About halfway through you stumble from the haunted forest into a heavenly sanctuary of lush, gleaming guitars, creating vibrant and suddenly uplifting waves of energy. That lingers until the bad trip vibes begin to seep back in in the final three minutes, overall creating a bad trip gone good and gone bad again minimized into a thrilling 15 minutes. Just be sure to listen below and hear for yourself...." (Read More:

Track List
(Stream the full ep here)

A1 MMOSS – Nothing Left        
A2 Quilt  – Open Eyes        

B MMOSS & Quilt  – Sandy  

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