Date Palms - The Dusted Sessions

Date Palms - The Dusted Sessions
Date Palms - The Dusted Sessions Date Palms - The Dusted Sessions
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Thrill Jockey (Thrill 336)
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Release Date: 06/2013
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“...the Dusted Sessions is a careful & wonderfully executed trip through two sides of discovery, through the sunburst of awe and the shadow it leaves behind – the search for meaning, the smallness of the individual in the world, the knowledge that what was once unknown is now known, different to you merely because you’ve seen it..." (

"...Inspired by a sojourn to the Yuba River, “Yuba Source” opens The Dusted Sessions like sunrise over the desert. The soft tones of Kowalsky’s Rhodes blend seamlessly with the rhythmic drones of Elrod’s tanpura while Jakobsons’ yearning violin strokes the heavens. The influence of Henry Flynt can be heard in the blown out sound of the amplified violin. As the ideas and spirit of the Yuba River are recalled and reprised throughout the first side, the band inverts the themes of the opener as melancholic and then reflective. “Yuba Reprise” ends with a sense of peace and tranquility, an ending without a goodbye. The second side of The Dusted Sessions presents a darker vision, heavier in tone and mood. “Dusted Down,” was inspired by the Eureka Dunes, where the Kowalsky and Jakobsons watched dust devils form and slowly traverse the sands. The counterpoint formed by violin and bass mirrors that steady, slow roll of wind across the desert. The final track, “Exodus Due West,” is a hyper-minimal improvised piece consisting of flute, tanpura, and bass, with touches of Semblance analog synthesizer. It offers a feeling of departure and arrival suspended, and The Dusted Sessions fades like twilight cooling expansive stretches of dry wilderness..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Yuba Source Part I    
A2 Six Hands To The Light    
A3 Yuba Source Part II    
A4 Yuba Reprise    

B1 Night Riding The Skyline    
B2 Dusted Down    
B3 Exodus Due West

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