Kiki Pau - Pines

Kiki Pau - Pines
Kiki Pau - Pines Kiki Pau - Pines
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Beyond Beyond is Beyond (BBIBR002)
Special Attributes: Translucent green Vinyl, Gatefold cover
Release Date: 02/2013
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"...Pines” is a feel good badass shamanistic pop prayer. It’s a gem in a sea of information and time. It pokes out through the corners of its foggy, smoky caverns and invites you in..." (Sound Colour Vibration)

"...The entire LP resonates strongly with English Psych Folk, Space Rock and Grateful Dead (listen to 11 plus minute Astronautijja and it’s tantric finish). There is a mood on the entire album that reminds me of a less chaotic, less dark Syd. It’s more inclined to one of his good trips rather than his bad. At minute 6 on Astronautijja, it escalades. A rich fuzz rock guitar followed by one of the better baselines to accompany a jam build up I’ve heard in a very long time. I found myself feeling incredibly fortunate to have this LP at my disposal, swimming around my ear canals, making me close my eyes and mumble “mmm.”...." (Read More:

Track List (Stream the full album here)

A1 Tomte Mars (9:26)   
A2 Astronauttija (11:44)    

B3 Pines     (6:28)   
B4 Pines II: Makumatka (15:39) 

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