The Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King (Ltd Col. 2xLP)

The Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King (Ltd Col. 2xLP)
The Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King (Ltd Col. 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Sky Lantern (SLR420), Cardinal Fuzz (CF420)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition on pink/blue marbled vinyl
Release Date: 04/2017
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"...The Exalted King takes its sweet-ass time to worm into your brain, through your ears, and lays some alien eggs. A dark trip worth exploring if you’re made of the right stuff...." (Fast 'N' Bulbous)

"...It’s not going to be for everyone. The Cosmic Dead may not be growing or blasting or screaming or pummeling, but make no mistake. This is extreme music. The Exalted King puts the Scottish outfit at the fore of a still-rising movement of heavy psych jammers, and its live feel is frighteningly genuine. As the fourth release from The Cosmic Dead since April 2011, one imagines we’re standing on the launch point of a considerable discography. So long as they can continue to come together to serve an overarching atmosphere rather than give into noodling indulgence (not to say there’s no self-indulgence at work here, I’m speaking relatively), these explorers should find themselves in the hall of the mountain grill in no time. Jam on, gents..…” (Read More:

Track List
(Stream in full here)

A The Exalted King, Pt. 1    
B The Exalted King, Pt. 2    

C1 Anatta    
C2 Khartomb    

D Anaphora

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