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 Εικόνα   Συγκρότημα - Τίτλος (Νέα-Παλιά Καταχώρηση)+   Εταιρία (Α-Ζ)   Είδος   Τιμή   Αγορά 
Broken DC - Astragal (Ltd.) Broken DC - Astragal (Ltd.)

"Formed in East London in 2013 Broken DC bring a twin guitar attack with blissed out vocals and set to a white wash collage of sounds, both light and dark..." (God Unknown Records)

 God Unknown Records   Vinyl (LP)  €22.00 Αγορά 
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Cavalier Song - Blezard Cavalier Song - Blezard

“...This is an album with which you can really sit back (or even sit up) and meditate on the nature of life and its vagaries; it is an album through which you can lose yourself…and find yourself..." (

 God Unknown Records   Vinyl (LP)  €21.50 Αγορά 
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Henge - S/T (Ltd) Henge - S/T (Ltd)

"Big, downtuned guitars are a staple, as are hypnotically repetitive riffs, and the whole package comes with an ominous, occult atmosphere that brings to mind English doom masters Electric Wizard..." (

 God Unknown Records   Vinyl (LP)  €20.00 Αγορά 
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