Gulp - Season Sun

Gulp - Season Sun
Gulp - Season Sun
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sonic Cathedral (SCR085LP)
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Release Date: 07/2014
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"..The debut album from the new band formed by Guto Pryce of Super Furry Animals and singer Lindsey Leven..feature the ethereal psych-folk qualities that defined counterculture music in the 1960s"

"...The album welcomes you in with opening song 'Game Love', with its fuzzy bass that is then broken apart by the dreamy, lust-fuelled vocals of Leven that float over the technicolor landscape of bright sounds and sonic oohs and aahs. It sets you up for the mystical sun-drenched adventure that you are about to embark on, and you quickly realise that it was imperative that this album had to come out in July. It's a summer album through and through. Listening to it in December would be a totally different experience. It needs the warmth and light of the sun to work...Season Sun is a wonderfully charming mix of interesting sounds and textures, featuring plenty of psychedelic and folk inspired harmonies that will grow and seep into your senses and leave you pining for a spontaneous summer road trip. This is an album that will draw you into its world." (Read More:

Track List

1. Game Love
2. Let's Grow
3. Clean And Serene
4. Vast Space
5. Grey Area

1. Seasoned Sun
2. Play
3. Hot Water
4. Everything
5. I Want To Dance

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