Cairobi - Cairobi

Cairobi - Cairobi
Cairobi - Cairobi
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Week Of Wonders ‎(WOW011LP)
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Release Date: 01/2017
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"...As an album of unique, tropical psych-pop, it does contain shimmering moments of hazy psychedelia..." (

"...The album has plenty of sonic curveballs, notably “Saint”, a heavy, funky, groove-oriented stab at ’90 Britpop. It’s as if the band ran into Shaun Ryder during breaks in studio time. But more often than not, the band stays fairly consistent with its trippy, percussive space pop, like on “Ghost”, where fat, sloppy synth stabs live happily alongside Bernard’s loose, limber drumming. Cairobi is a band with loads of potential and influences that run far and wide. One can only hope that they didn’t overdo it with their full-length debut and still have many tricks up their sleeves. This music is potent, exotic stuff unlike almost anything else out there.…” (

Track List

1-1 Habitat     
1-2 Gristly Words     
1-3 Step Aside     
1-4 Lupo (Listen here)   
1-5 Systems Of Mutual Doubt     
1-6 Germ     
1-7 Saint     

2-1 From Some Other Planet's Sky     
2-2 Ghost     
2-3 Zoraide     
2-4 No Better Ending

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