Singapore Sling - Never Forever (Ltd)

Singapore Sling - Never Forever (Ltd)
Singapore Sling - Never Forever (Ltd) Singapore Sling - Never Forever (Ltd) Singapore Sling - Never Forever (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Fuzz Club Records (FC008V12)
Special Attributes: Limited edition Transparent Orange Vinyl of 300 numbered copies, gatefold cover. Includes digital download"
Release Date: 11/2012
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"The supreme “Tunnel Vision” gets the atmosphere to a whole new level with its rotating motto & its hallucinatory tornado of rhythmics. Guitars flare up magnificently as in a lecture on black magic, with a second part echoed in Poison Ape. It is thus an utterly cinematic & thrilling piece of music with a climax beat that gives you a major adrenaline rush" (reverb-eration.blogspot)

"..With openminded lyrics and obviously different level of sound in comparison to their previous releases, Never Forever can be considered as band’s critical album. Never before Singapore Sling’s music sounded so desperate. Never before was Singapore Sling’s guitar wall so thin – yielding to semi-acoustic experiments instead. The album has so many layers that one can count several peaks in mood of the music. First is the opening song itself, Nothing Inside, born from the void, that’s associated with Singapore Sling’s well-known sound (let’s recall Godman, for example). Freaks: with lyrics as honest as the title and full of love and pain to oneself or the others, this song conjoins all the emotional energy of the album. As the music monotonously progresses, it’s joined by Henrik Bjørnson’s not less monotonous vocals, and then suddenly at 1:00 into the track (that shone with darkness up till now) converts into a vortex of numerous colours that even “roller-coaster” wouldn’t be strong enough to describe it. If we were to pass through numerous parallel universes during the line “We could be together in misery”, the feeling that process would give us could be a more or less close example." (Read More:

Track List

A1 The Nothing Inside        
A2 Freaks        
A3 Tunnel Vision        
A4 Take        
A5 Now It's Time To Disappear        
A6 All I Want        

B1 Sleep        
B2 You Can't Compare        
B3 Poison Ape        
B4 Afterlife        
B5 On A Different Star        
B6 Never Forever  

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