The Soft Moon - S/T

The Soft Moon - S/T
The Soft Moon - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Captured Tracks (CT085LP)
Special Attributes: 1st press
Release Date: 2011
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"..The record heavily recalls the industrial and goth 1980s, eras of music bathed in blackness, yet beneath the squall and the otherwise monolithic sound poke out some impressive moments of clarity." (

"...The record announces itself on "Breathe the Fire" with a Joy Division-like beat and creeping synths, Vasquez's vocal-- as on much of the record-- never rising out of a whisper. When it finally does on the tense single "Circles", it's wordless and yelping, sounding more like a pagan chant. That tense song eventually builds to a visceral, satisfying release of noise; it's a trick repeated a few times on the album, but Vasquez's timing and restraint make it just as gratifying each time. These fleeting moments of release lend some grounding to a record that-- with its slightly phasing bass lines and watery guitar-- is often hard to pin down, a perception only enhanced by the obscured vocals. The icy exterior of The Soft Moon might make it a little inaccessible, but it's never willfully obtuse, and the sequencing neatly frames one of the albums high points, "When It's Over"-- a moment of beauty peering through the darkness that surrounds it. It's a natural centerpiece for the record, and Vasquez here allows space to surround the drums for the first time, while a fragile guitar and bass underpin glacial shifts. There's also a rare moment of transparency for the vocals as Vasquez's post-apocalyptic narrative is articulated and given a heart." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Breathe The Fire        
A2 Circles        
A3 Out Of Time        
A4 When It's Over        
A5 Dead Love        

B1 Parallels        
B2 We Are We        
B3 Sewer Sickness        
B4 Into The Depths        
B5 Primal Eyes        
B6 Tiny Spiders 

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