Nots - Cosmetic

Nots - Cosmetic
Nots - Cosmetic
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Heavenly (HVNLP131)
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Release Date: 09/2016
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"Nots have arrived at the next level of their attack with a confidence and a music that lays waste to the wasteland without romantic attachment to a thing..."

“...The main difference between We Are Nots and Cosmetic is a matter of intensity; while the first album exploded all over the place, Cosmetic builds steadily over the course of its running time to the taut fury of "Inherently Low," the atonal menace of "Fluorescent Sunset," and the extended finale of "Entertain Me." It's hard to imagine Nots even trying to pull off a seven-minute track on the basis of We Are Nots, but "Entertain Me" is a descent into the noisy maelstrom that succeeds, and suggests the band is finding new ways to direct its attack. Cosmetic is a strong step forward for Nots that builds on their strengths and gives their weirdness some new and interesting places to go...” (Read More:
Track List (Stream in full here)

A1 Blank Reflection     
A2 Rat King     
A3 Cold Line     
A4 New Structures     
A5 Cosmetic     

B6 No Novelty     
B7 Inherently Low     
B8 Fluorescent Sunset     
B9 Entertain Me

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