Constant Mongrel - Heavy Breathing

Constant Mongrel - Heavy Breathing
Constant Mongrel - Heavy Breathing
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Siltbreeze (SB157)
Special Attributes: Lp on 45 rpm
Release Date: 07/2013
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"...Heavy Breathing is a wild-eyed, pill-fucked and perverted record that attacks the highs and lows, the colours and the comedowns, and ravages through moments of overwhelming hysteria before sucking it up and returning to the party..." (

"...Heavy Breathing reminds me of all my favourite things that I never do from nine-to-five on weekdays (like sex and drugs) then it reminds me of the bad parts of those things (like coming down or unexpectedly tearing a muscle). Do you know what kind of person can have a constant mongrel? Perverts. Sex pests. Rapists and pedophiles. The idea of losing control is appealing at the onset of mundanity, but there are people in society who are incapable of gaining control. Constant Mongrel make guitar music that dangles you at the precipice of losing it without ever giving you the cathartic experience of finding out if you made it through or not..." (Read More:

Track List (Stream in Full here)

A1 Complete    
A2 Hoarding    
A3 In The Courts    
A4 Choked    

B1 Perks And The Thrills (Pills)    
B2 Black Hole    
B3 Under Collar (Little Boys)    
B4 Inflicted

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