Girls Against Boys - Ghost List (12" Ep)

Girls Against Boys - Ghost List (12" Ep)
Girls Against Boys - Ghost List (12" Ep)
Format: Vinyl (12") 
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Label (Code): Self Released (GVSB001)
Special Attributes: 12" vinyl on 45 rpm
Release Date: 09/2013
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“Two basses, one guitar and drums...If The Ghost List seems to take up where Girls Against Boys left off, that’s because it does..." (

"..From the opening squeaky, monotone bass notes of “It’s a Diamond Life” the listener is taken back to 1996 in a very authentic way. It’s hard to imagine how that will translate to 2013 with all its pristine production values and thunderous low ends. The raw, sloppy and delicious bounce of the bass dirge against the organic garage band drums is a refreshing change from what’s become the norm. The chorus is also a nice surprise, actually involving a bit of melody through backing vocals while guitars charge forward at maximum distortion. Five songs is not a lot to work with but the moment the second track “Fade Out” begins, you’re already witness to the resurrection of a sound. A Place to Bury Strangers and Disappears have been covering a lot of this territory recently but their records begin to feel like homages to bands like Girls Against Boys. McCloud practically swallows the mic during the last few bars of the song while an uncommon fast guitar rock riff reveals that this isn’t just a repeat of the past — they’re taking it a step further. Is that a bit of unabashed punk flavour?...."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 It's A Diamond Life        
A2 Fade Out        
A3 60 > 15        

B1 Let's Get Killed        
B2 Kick 

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