Wild Smiles - Take Me Away (12" Ep)

Wild Smiles - Take Me Away (12" Ep)
Wild Smiles - Take Me Away (12" Ep) Wild Smiles - Take Me Away (12" Ep)
Format: Vinyl (12") 
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Label (Code): Invada (INV125LP)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition on White Vinyl
Release Date: 07/2013
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“...If you can imagine the distortion-loaded melodies of, say, Crocodiles, the towering psych ambition that The Horrors showed on their most recent album and the most fervent of 60s freakbeat/surf bands all thrown together then you've almost got the size of the single. You just need to times that by ten..." (thesoundofconfusionblog.blogspot)

"...Wild Smiles are a different kind of breed. Three guys from Winchester, it doesn’t exactly scream surf-influence but ‘Take Me Away’ packs the kind of energy that blows the rest of the offerings out of the water. There’s a hell of a lot of 90s influence here but the composition isn’t too obvious about it. Yeah, you could compare them to this band and that band but all I can think about when I hear this tune is all of the beer-chucking and all of the fun that’s going to be had once I witness these guys playing this live. Opening with frantic drums before bursting into a reverb-heavy intro, ‘Take Me Away’ does in fact, take me away. I’m not really sure where but what I do know is that it’s sunny, my friends are there and I can taste the sweat dripping down my face from all the frenzied dancing. It’s simple, effective and with all three members wailing through the Californian-drenched guitars, it’s solid, sing-a-long stuff. A perfect single to (hopefully) kick off the British summer.."  (Read more:

Track List

1. Take Me Away
2. Life Builds You Up
3. Mirror
4. You Don’t Care About Me 

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