The Sunday Reeds - Dark Rainbows (Cd)

The Sunday Reeds - Dark Rainbows (Cd)
The Sunday Reeds - Dark Rainbows (Cd) The Sunday Reeds - Dark Rainbows (Cd) The Sunday Reeds - Dark Rainbows (Cd)
Format: Cd 
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Label (Code): Squirrel (SQRL 30)
Special Attributes: Ep
Release Date: 2011
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Australia's finest purveyors of screaming feedback overkill hook up with legendary producer of Galaxie 500 and Daniel Johnston (among others) and created this excellent track CD EP entitled Dark Rainbows.

The Sunday Reeds follow up their brilliant debut album release with a brand new EP of all new stuff. Recorded by the band and mastered by the aforementioned Kramer, this is a definite musical leap forward from their earlier recordings while still maintaining that very recognisable Sunday Reeds sound. The Australian duo don't exactly go out of their way to hide their Jesus and Mary Chain fetish.
Shiver Up My Vein, the lead track, must take its rightful place as one of the finest songs The Sunday Reeds have written so far. Instantly getting the audience jumping about at their gigs, it's also accompanied on this EP by the fantastic Kiss Me, Kill Me which is just dark fuzz pop at its very best. Other tracks include the excellent Stem Filled Vase—comparisons here with The Jesus And Mary Chain would be lazy, but to hell with it, it's January and we're feeling that way, so let's just say it certainly gives a very definite nod towards that classic band. Other tracks on here are Get Nothing Done and Over, both of which sit perfectly alongside the rest of the recordings included on Dark Rainbows and collectively make up one hell of a great EP packed with jet black noise pop bullets.

Track List

1.Shiver Up My Vein
2.Kiss Me, Kill Me
3.Get Nothing Done
5.Stem-Filled Vase

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