The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thank God For Mental Illness (Cd)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thank God For Mental Illness (Cd)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thank God For Mental Illness (Cd)
Format: Cd 
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Special Attributes: Reissue
Release Date: 2007
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"...with Thank God for Mental Illness, their third collection of absolutely stunning music in less than a year, the Brian Jonestown Massacre parallels the prolific and effortless brilliance of the Rolling Stones at their fevered late-1960s peak..." (

"...The opening track, ‘Spanish Bee' is a playfully dramatic number that eases nicely into the rest of the album. One of the funniest tracks comes in the form of "13," in which the singer proposes to the woman of his dreams, all the while pleading "I know you're only 13 honey/ But I hope you'll understand." Much could be said of other tracks such as "The Ballad of Jim Jones," "Free and Easy," "Stars," or any other ”” but one would do better to listen to them than to read about them. The album ends with a 33 minute medley, which is really several songs played consecutively, but technically in a single track; a real pain in the ass when you're trying to make a mix tape, but no hard feelings. Mental Illness proves once again that the only thing necessary to make a great rock album is that spark ”” that spontaneous, effortless charm which is impossible to duplicate, no matter how many producers or professional musicians one brings into the studio..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen the album in full)

1  Spanish Bee
2  It Girl
3  13
4  Ballad Of Jim Jones
5  Those Memories
6  Stars
7  Free And Easy, Take 2
8  Down
9  Cause I Love Her
10 Too Crazy To Care
11 Talk-Action=Shit
12 True Love
13 Sound Of Confusion

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