Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Cd)

Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Cd)
Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Cd) Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Cd) Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Cd)
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Release Date: 2011
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'300 Days At Sea’ is how it feels when you are deep in a songwriting session. There is no sense of arriving, just the peace or the storm of being in the moment with the music, but finally both the land and the songs appear and you realize you have arrived somewhere.

"...Heather Nova’s eighth studio album is a phenomenon. She is one of the rare female rock artists who’s sustained a credible musical career over two decades and she’s proved that age is no limit to creativity. After commercial dead-weights of the expected acoustic album ‘Jasmine Flower’, Nova returns to the exuberant mysticism first outlined in Youth-produced ‘Oyster’ which catapulted her into the international arena in the ‘90s. Steering away from the pop anthems of ‘South’ and ‘Siren’, she clings to the more cragged tracks which give her 360 vocal range a change to prove age hasn’t withered it. Tracks like ‘Moon’ and ‘Turn the Compass Round’ tug at deeper waters and ‘Burning To Love’ and ‘I’d Rather Be’ strip down to the elementals before powering forwards over rugged wakes at full throttle..."
Heather’s unusually gorgeous voice has always been the driving force in her songs, but her intricate layering of high energy pop-rock instrumentation with haunting melodies continues to put her music into a category of its own!

Track List
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1 Beautiful Ride        
2 Higher Ground        
3 Stop The Fire        
4 Save A Little Piece Of Tomorrow         
5 Everything Changes        
6 Do Something That Scares You        
7 The Good Ship Moon        
8 Turn The Compass Round         
9 Burning To Love        
10 I'd Rather Be         
11 Until The Race Is Run        
12 Stay 

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