Rancho Relaxo - New Kind of Orchide (Cd)

Rancho Relaxo - New Kind of Orchide (Cd)
Rancho Relaxo - New Kind of Orchide (Cd)
Format: Cd 
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Label (Code): Merlins Nose (MN 1001)
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Release Date: 2010
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"...the music of Rancho Relaxo doesn’t rise from your speakers, it ebbs and flows, like some thick sonic liquid, barely viscus, pushing and swirling its way into your room, hovering at floor level, then rising up the walls before spilling back down onto itself..." (streetmouse,

"... This band who hale from Norway, have learned from the best, memorizing with Americana guitar jangles, eastern sitar influences, tambourine trances, and it’s all held in place by a mystic backbeat that’s as primal as it is etherial ... instantly bringing to mind work done by The Beatles on Revolver, not to mention Brian Jonestown. Yet they do it all without sounding beholding, or under the influence of anyone, delivering a sound that’s as dark as night, and surely suitable for any out of body experience you could conjure..." (streetmouse,

Track List
(Listen the album in full here)

1 Black Nectarine From The Simian Heart    
2 I Love You So    
3 Freuds God, Spaceman    
4 Road Raged The Fuck Out    
5 New Kind Of Orchide    
6 Velvet Heartattack     
7 Wisdom Blackout    
8 Die Robot    
9 All You People    
10 Hate Reversed Is Kind    
11 Let It Glide    
12 Hard From Heaven    
13 Plan Your Revolution    
14 The Pain Slows You Down    
15 Electronic Orbital Roadmovie

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