Quilt - S/T (Ltd Col.)

Quilt - S/T (Ltd Col.)
Quilt - S/T (Ltd Col.) Quilt - S/T (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Mexican Summer (MEX 099-1)
Special Attributes: Limited edition High quality Virgin viny (White)l
Release Date: 2011
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"..The odor of smoke, brisket, and crawfish stew seemed the perfect accompaniment to their twangy, somewhat ramshackle blend of 1960s psychedelia, mantric blues, and folk..." (

"Quilt exhibits many of the outward symptoms of being a freak-folk band: the campfire harmonies, the free-floating mysticism, the sonic experimentation rooted in ’60s classicism. Where Quilt diverges is in its adherence to convention; at no point on its self-titled full-length debut does the Massachusetts trio stray from hummable melodies and easily discernable song structures. For all its “freaky” trappings, Quilt is first and foremost a pop-rock band, and judging by Quilt, it has the makings of being quite a good one. The multi-part harmonies of Shane Butler, Anna Fox Rochinski, and John Andrews form the core of Quilt’s sound—it’s the band’s most arresting attribute, and a ubiquitous presence throughout the LP. The vocals also are the most retro (if not flat-out derivative) aspect of the album, making comparisons to Top 40 hippie bands like the Mamas And The Papas and Jefferson Airplane a little too easy. (The trippy “The Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan” practically begs to be accompanied with burning incense and passages from the I Ching)..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Young Gold        
A2 Cowboys In The Void         
A3 Children Of Light         
A4 Penobska Oakwalk         
A5 Rabid Love        

B1 Milo        
B2 Utopian Canyon         
B3 Lost & Lewd        
B4 The Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan        
B5 Gome Home

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