Veracrash - My Brother the Godhead (Ltd Clear)

Veracrash - My Brother the Godhead (Ltd Clear)
Veracrash - My Brother the Godhead (Ltd Clear)
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Go Down (GODLP062)
Special Attributes: Ltd Edition on Clear White Vinyl
Release Date: 2012
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"'My Brother The Godhead' is one hell of an epic trip. Science fiction meets conspiracy theory and paranoid feelings in a fuzzy package with an assist from Dango of Truckfighters on production duties....." (theparanoidmusicblog.blogspot)

"...So when the title track adds an atmospheric twist to the mix and Francesco Menghi's vocals grow from an eerie whisper to a raspy snarl and eventually transform into a powerful plead that hovers amidst a cloud of jangly guitars and a relentless rhythm, you'll know that Veracrash are the real deal. Speaking of eerie, "A Blowjob from Yaldabaoth" (told you) starts with a disturbing newscast from what I assume is 9/11 coverage, as Marco De Salvo's guitar plays in the background and the band eventually unleashes holy hell as they overcome the sampled voice. Here Menghi's vocals trade off between a dreamy, psychedelic warble and a deathly, demonic howl. 
Miss the days when Queens of the Stone Age built their arrangements around the gorgeous baritone of Mark Lanegan and the chaotic yelp of Nick Oliveri? Well then you'll love "Obey the Void" wherein Menghi manages to channel both styles all by himself while the rest of Veracrash lay down a spine tingling, melodic backdrop..." (Read More:

Track List

1. Lucy, Lucifer
2. Kali Maa
3. My Brother the Godhead
4. A Blowjob from Yaldabaoth
5. Obey the Void
6. Remote Killing
7. Exit Damnation
8. Allies from the Mirror Megaverse
9. Trees Falling Upwards
10. We Own You, Bitches

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