High Sunn - Hopeless Romantic (EP 12")

High Sunn - Hopeless Romantic (EP 12")
High Sunn - Hopeless Romantic (EP 12")
Format: Vinyl (EP) 
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Label (Code): PNKSLM (PNKSLM023)
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Release Date: 05/2017
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"...Hopeless Romantic’s opening track, “Joy of Romance” is a beaming declaration of affection paired with upbeat guitar and drums with a forlorn twist..." (

"...Hopeless Romantic closes with the paradoxically sun-filled “Good Evening,” a familiar celebration of discovering a special person who you desperately wish to stay, or at least meet again. Yet, Cheromiah admits this second meeting doesn’t always goes as planned, lamenting over a relationship that changed, but whose impression remains. “You’re still haunting me” is the final, abrupt end to Hopeless Romantic, leaving us yearning for more..."  (
Track List 

A1 Joy Of Romance    
A2 Ramen Waitress    
A3 Holding Hands
B1 Tears    
B2 Polaroids    
B3 Good Evening

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