The Notwist - S/T
The Notwist - S/T
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Angry Angles - S/T

Angry Angles - S/T
Angry Angles - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Goner Records (129GONE)
Special Attributes: Includes unreleased live set from Gonerfest 3
Release Date: 05/2016
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"...Angry Angles is a blurry, inconsistent snapshot of his liminal state between dude-in-a-million-bands and burgeoning solo icon—ragged here, refined there, and brimming with vitality..." (

"...Angry Angles collects those singles, along with previously unreleased bonus material, and as such it comprises the entire studio output of Angry Angles. Seventeen songs nailed to the wall in a little over a year is nothing to sneeze at—and neither are the songs themselves, despite spackling the slim gap between the Lost Sounds and Reatard’s storied solo career, launched in ’06 and cut short by his death in 2010. With bassist/singer Alix Brown (cofounder with Reatard of the indie label Shattered Records) and alternating drummers Paul Artigues and Ryan Rousseau (the latter a Reatards alum) in tow, Reatard synthesized everything he’d done up to that point. Borrowing some of the Lost Sounds’ retro-new-wave roboticism, but rendered in a more vivid, visceral Reatards-esque spew, Angry Angles tracks like “Crowds” and “Apparent-Transparent” are lobotomized post-punk, whiplash anthems for 21st-century dehumanization" (Read More:
Track List (Listen Here)

A1 Things Are Moving     
A2 Apparent-Transparent     
A3 You Fell In     
A4 The 15th     
A5 Crowds     
A6 She's Dead     
A7 Blockhead     
A8 In My Room     

B1 Memphis Creep     
B2 Things Are Moving     
B3 Black Hole     
B4 Stab You Dead     
B5 You Call It Love     
B6 You Lied     
B7 Can't Do It Anymore     
B8 All The Same     
B9 Set In Stone

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