The Ultraviolets - Changing Times

The Ultraviolets - Changing Times
The Ultraviolets - Changing Times
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Music Maniac (MMLP 030)
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Release Date: 1990
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Raw powerful rock and roll with strong sixties influences. Their music moves between the power of Wipers and the voice of Green of Red.

Exceptionally good garage-psych band from Kansas, US, (started as Ultraviolets, finished as Psychoviolets) verifying once more the simple rock'n'roll truth: no matter the form, to make a great music, it takes a great soul.
All of their records (3 overall) are full of wild, electric, melancholy songs. Beautiful terribly flowers, from those that grow beyond the edge and just beyond the garage spectrum! (extracted from
Track List

A1 The Box         
A2 A Place Called Hell         
A3 Screams         
A4 A Better Way         
A5 D-Train         
A6 Fade To Gray         
A7 Now I Know    
B8 Where Are You         
B9 Do What You Want         
B10 In Our World         
B11 Set Me Free         
B12 Changing Times         
B13 Life In The Real World

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