Thee Oh Sees - Singles Vol. 1 + 2 (Ltd 2xLP)

Thee Oh Sees -  Singles Vol. 1 + 2 (Ltd 2xLP)
Thee Oh Sees -  Singles Vol. 1 + 2 (Ltd 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Castle Face (CF-007)
Special Attributes: Second pressing of 1000 copies on black vinyl.
Release Date: 03/2011
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"...It features just about every single the band has released, and it showcases the band in ways one wouldn’t normally see just from listening to a stand-alone album of theirs..." (Get Bent FM)

"...While you'd think a band that released seven records in five years (and that's just under the final incarnation of their name) wouldn't have a whole lot of extra material lying around, John Dwyer's garage-psych outfit Thee Oh Sees are also prolific purveyors of singles and EPs. Looking to add a little order to all the chaos, Singles Collection, Vols. 1-2 does just what its name implies, collecting all the band's harder-to-find singles and B-sides (well, at least the ones released up to 2011) into one compilation. Including the surf-inspired "Tidal Wave," which was featured on an episode of Breaking Bad, as well as 23 other gems, the set is the easiest way for fans to get their hands on all of these tracks without tracking down countless limited pressings of 7" records and compilations, and should be an essential part of any Thee Oh Sees fan's collection..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Carol Anne     
A2 Inquiry Perpetrated     
A3 Mincing Around The Frocks     
A4 Kingsmeat     
A5 The Freak Was Clean

B1 Kids In Cars     
B2 Bloody Water     
B3 Hey Buddy
B4 Comas
B5 I Agree     
B6 Grave Blockers
C1 Tidal Wave     
C2 Heart Sweats     
C3 Contraption (Demo)     
C4 Friends Defined     
C5 Blood In Your Ear (Demo)     
C6 Schwag Rifles
D1 The Drag
D2 7484     
D3 Castiatic Tackle (Demo)     
D4 She Said To Me     
D5 Where People Do Drugs     
D6 In The Shadow Of Giants     
D7 Ichor

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