Tango With Lions - A Long Walk (Ltd)

Tango With Lions - A Long Walk (Ltd)
Tango With Lions - A Long Walk (Ltd)
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (INN077L)
Special Attributes: Ltd to 250 copies, Includes download card
Release Date: 04/2013
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“As in “Verba Time” so here, every song is a small story, but this time the stories are self-contained, with routes through dark dreams, night trips, sunny fantasies, memories and stories of love and separation." (

"Their debut album, “Verba Time”, has received enthusiastic reviews and the song “In A Bar” has broken a record of views on youtube. Tango With Lions return this spring with their highly anticipated second album, “A Long Walk”. Their musical path during the last four years could be compared to a long walk. The project of Kat (Katerina Papachristou) began as a changing group of musicians and has grown to be the stable lineup of the band that recorded “A Long Walk”. With the compositions and lyrics of Kat as a starting point, the band took their time to arrange the 10 album songs with continuous pre-production and rehearsals during the last two yearsIn Tango With Lions’ long walk bittersweet melodies and dreamy lyrics encounter rich arrangements. The result is unique: atmospheric electricity with dark outbursts, mystic trombone melodies, an old piano and a dark and solid rhythm section, always maintaining the special atmosphere that hovers around Kat’s voice." (Read More:

Track List

01 Slippery Roads
02 A Long Walk
03 News
04 Rainy Fall
05 Kite
06 People Stare
07 Obituary
08 Where Heroes Die
09 Over the Neon Lights
10 Playground

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