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Bad Religion - No Substance  Bad Religion - No Substance

"...No Substance is the tenth full-length album by the punk rock band Bad Religion. It was the band's third release on Atlantic Records, and their second studio album since guitarist Brett Gurewitz's departure" (Wikipedia)

 Epitaph   Vinyl (LP)  €19.00 Αγορά 
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Dusty Mush - Cheap Entertainment (Ltd)  Dusty Mush - Cheap Entertainment (Ltd)

"...In one sense this is an album of psych garage punk that puts a smile on your face every time you hear to it...." (

 Howlin' Banana   Vinyl (LP)  €18.00 Αγορά 
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Los Tones - What Happened  Los Tones - What Happened

"...The new LP WHAT HAPPENED is a punk in the head, even more on psychedelic roots and fuzz all over...." (Groovie records)

 Groovie Records   Vinyl (LP)  €18.00 Αγορά 
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The New Christs - Live  The New Christs - Live

"...This limited edition vinyl release contains 11 fully remastered tracks taken from 2011"

 Pitshark Records   Vinyl (LP)  €17.00 Αγορά 
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Cowbell - Haunted Heart  Cowbell - Haunted Heart

"..More Memphis, more Fuzz, more greasy foot-beating, party-greeting, soul-treating maximum RnB. And yes, more Cowbell..." (Damaged Goods)

 Damaged Goods   Vinyl (LP)  €16.50 Αγορά 
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Telegram - Operator  Telegram - Operator

"...On their debut LP, they prove they have the sound to match, as they amalgamate elements of krautrock, proto-punk, glam and psych – and triumph in doing so..." (

 GramGram   Vinyl (LP)  €15.00 Αγορά 
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CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated  CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated

"...Despite the fact that Segall played a role in this album, it’s nice to hear what Moothart is capable of when he ventures outside of that particular musical umbrella. Based on the music from Dichotomy Desaturated, I’d say he’s destined for greatness..." (

 In The Red   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Jim And The French Vanilla - Afraid Of The House  Jim And The French Vanilla - Afraid Of The House

"...The basic songwriting retains the incredibly distinctive mystical, other-worldly atmosphere of The Blind Shake, but the instrumentation and sound are both stripped down to their essence, dialing way back on the loud-psych stamp of his main band..." (

 Dirtnap   Vinyl (LP)  €25.00 Αγορά 
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Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First
 Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First

"...After a series of arid, interchangeable albums, current events and contempt for recent U.S. policy lights a fire in the belly of pop/punk pioneers Bad Religion, resulting in their most inspired record in years." (

 Epitaph   Vinyl (LP)  €18.00 Αγορά 
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Deniz Tek - Detroit
 Deniz Tek - Detroit

"...Detroit is a deep complex album in many ways. The stripped down trio format gives the album a stark sound that carries the weight of the words, a grim assessment of the decline of the Motor City..." (

 Citadel   Vinyl (LP)  €22.00 Αγορά 
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The Richmond Sluts - The Richmond Sluts  The Richmond Sluts - The Richmond Sluts

"...the Sluts lay down their songs with such insouciance that one's tempted to believe they are totally unaware of their own genius.." (

 Media Creature Music   Vinyl (LP)  €25.00 Αγορά 
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VA - Typical Girls Volume 2  VA - Typical Girls Volume 2

“Who invented the Typical Girl?” The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights"

 Emotional Response   Vinyl (LP)  €21.50 Αγορά 
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Meatbodies - Alice  Meatbodies - Alice

"...Chad Ubovich is already a proven guitar hero, having played in Fuzz and with Mikal Cronin. His second Meatbodies album is a mellower, full-band effort with more psychedelic textures than before...." (

 In The Red   Vinyl (LP)  €25.00 Αγορά 
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The Fuzztones - In Heat (Ltd Col. RSD 2017)  The Fuzztones - In Heat (Ltd Col. RSD 2017)

"The audience screams throughout, while the Fuzztones' Rudi Protrudi launches into 7 songs with a recklessness not heard since The Sonics or The Standells..." (

 Easy Action   Vinyl (LP)  €24.50 Αγορά 
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The Kut - S/T (Ltd 7" Picture Disc RSD 2017)  The Kut - S/T (Ltd 7" Picture Disc RSD 2017)

"Led by Princess Maha, this is a neat twist on grunge-pop” (Kerrang!)/"A kissing cousin of Hole also stretches back to the garage rampages of The Stooges” (Q Magazine)/"Marks the precise point where L7 meets I Wanna Be Your Dog. Punk's no t dead, pass it on” (Classic Rock)

 Criminal Records   Vinyl (7" PD)  €11.00 Αγορά 
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