Εικόνα   Συγκρότημα - Τίτλος (Νέα-Παλιά Καταχώρηση)+   Εταιρία (Α-Ζ)   Είδος   Τιμή   Αγορά 
Jim And The French Vanilla - Afraid Of The House Jim And The French Vanilla - Afraid Of The House

"...The basic songwriting retains the incredibly distinctive mystical, other-worldly atmosphere of The Blind Shake, but the instrumentation and sound are both stripped down to their essence, dialing way back on the loud-psych stamp of his main band..." (

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Mind Spiders - Prosthesis
Mind Spiders - Prosthesis

"Prosthesis is Mind Spiders' darkest release yet, both in themes and atmosphere, and electronics feature more prominently in its eight songs than ever before..." (

 Dirtnap   Vinyl (LP)  €23.00 Αγορά 
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Bad Sports - Bras Bad Sports - Bras

"Bad Sports consciously channel the grimy spirit of late 1970s New York City on their upcoming third album, Bras. The Texan garage-punk trio, count vintage CBGB regulars such as the Dictators, the Dead Boys, and Television among the inspiration behind their latest bubble-crud effort..." (

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