Robedoor - Primal Sphere

Robedoor - Primal Sphere
Robedoor - Primal Sphere
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Hands In The Dark (HTDI017)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition of 400 copies, Includes card with credits and free mp3 download coupon
Release Date: 2013
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“Robedoor is more about alchemical escape, the world grinding above you while you stumble through some subterranean reality below.” (Britt Brown of Robedoor)

"...Drone and noise music offers just such a plane. There are few things more neurotic and private than the making of and the listening to music like that of Robedoor. The slow movement and utter impotence of it creates a space for imagined possibilities, but only on that private, individualistic level. One carefully listens to small alterations in the melody, timing, or volume in order to expand their scope of the plane. Sounds are added — “filled in,” in a sense — by the mind. These can be based on past listens, current mood, and the listening environment. If Robedoor’s live shows attempt to occupy the entire space with the drone, then not only is the drone supposed to be occupying the entire mind, but also the experience of the surrounding space as the sounds compress or expand depending on the environment’s shape and size. It gives a physical connection to some objective reality on the outside while paradoxically creating a new reality for the mind to occupy internally..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Stagnant Venom        
A2 Blasted Orb        

B1 Flannel Shroud        
B2 Concrete Brother  

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