Jakob - Sines (Ltd 2xLP)

Jakob - Sines (Ltd 2xLP)
Jakob - Sines (Ltd 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): The Mylene Sheath (Sheath054)
Special Attributes: Limited to 500 copies.
Release Date: 03/2015
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"Sines is as much soundscape as rock-show — an echo of the expansive surroundings of the band’s native Hawke’s Bay, personifying rough seas and sweeping landscapes..." (

"Jakob have always been a very balanced band. Never one to rush, they would take their time developing their songs, ensuring they were fleshed out and fully realized before coming to a climax or ending. On paper, this makes a perfect post-rock band, but it didn’t translate so effectively to record. While production value and composition have always been stellar, playing it safe ultimately results in a black-and-white predictable album, which was the solitary flaw that plagued both Solace and Cale Drew. ‘Oran Mor’ exemplifies this, with its headlong dive into a climax of crash cymbals and feedback, standing out exactly because it blindsides the listener and is totally uncharacteristic of the band. Predictability yields stagnation, and while the band were far from stagnant with 3 great albums under their belt, it was hard to ignore the possibility. “Was” is the key word however, and Jakob have succeeded in staving off complacency by widening their musical horizons and diversifying their formula in fourth outing, Sines..." (Read more:
Track List
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A1 Blind Them With Science
A2 Emergent

B1 Magna Carta
B2 Harmonia

C1 Resolve

D1 Darkness
D2 Sines

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