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Circulatory System ‎- Mosaics Within Mosaics (2xLP)

Circulatory System ‎- Mosaics Within Mosaics (2xLP)
Circulatory System ‎- Mosaics Within Mosaics (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Cloud Recordings ‎(cld022)
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Release Date: 2014
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"...60’s pop melodies and wild psychedelic excursions woven together to create a giant sonic tapestry..." (

"...For two decades, W. Cullen Hart of Athens, Georgia, has been one of indie rock's great psychedelic visionaries – recording two cult-classic LPs with the Olivia Tremor Control in the Nineties, then plunging even deeper into the dream with this band starting in 2001. Circulatory System's third proper album, their best since their debut, is a leisurely suite where kaleidoscopically sweet vocal melodies and folky instrumentation drift in and out of focus, occasionally resolving into songs that you'll swear you've been humming for years ("Do You Know What's Real?" "Elastic Empire Coronation"). At its best, Mosaics has all the magic of a bedroom-studio Smile..." (Read more:

Track List

A1  Physical Mirage/Visible Magic     
A2  If You Have To Think About It Now     
A3  No Risk     
A4  Just In Time To See You All     
A5  Neon Light     
A6  It's Love     
A7  Mosaic #1
B1  Tiny Planes On Canvas     
B2  Mosaic #2     
B3  When You're Small     
B4  Do You Know What's Real?     
B5  Over Dinner The Cardinal Spoke     
B6  Aerial View Of A Heart (From Above)     
B7  There Is No Time But Now     
B8  Puffs Of Cotton     

C1  The Reasons Before You Knew     
C2  Mosaic #3     
C3  Mosaics Within Mosaics     
C4  Mosaic #4     
C5  Open Up Your Lives     
C6  Mosaic #5     
C7  Sounds That You Never Heard
D1  Stars And Molecules     
D2  Mosaic #6     
D3  Mosaic #7     
D4  Makes No Sense     
D5  Conclusions     
D6  Conclusions     
D7  Mosaic #8     
D8  Bakery Spires     
D9  Night Falls     
D10 Elastic Empire Coronation

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