Εικόνα   Συγκρότημα - Τίτλος (Νέα-Παλιά Καταχώρηση)+   Εταιρία (Α-Ζ)   Είδος   Τιμή   Αγορά 
Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song  Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song

"...Since starting The Black Keys with drummer Patrick Carney in 2001, Dan Auerbach has made a career out of making old sounds cool again..." (

 Easy Eye Sound   Vinyl (LP)  €27.00 Αγορά 
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Super Furry Animals - Radiator (2xLP)  Super Furry Animals - Radiator (2xLP)

"When Super Furry Animals announced they'd be playing their first two albums back-to-back throughout December last year it provided both long term fans and curious bypassers with an interesting conundrum..." (

 BMG   Vinyl (2xLP)  €30.00 Αγορά 
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Jet - Get Born  Jet - Get Born

"Jet's Get Born is a seriously rocking album that comes off as a mix between the White Stripes' bluesy insouciance and AC/DC's cockeyed swagger..." (

 Elektra   Vinyl (LP)  €23.00 Αγορά 
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Deus - In A Bar, Under The Sea (2xLP Picture Disc)  Deus - In A Bar, Under The Sea (2xLP Picture Disc)

"...Under the Sea as the appropriate portrait of the lives of these everyday comfortable guys- lives full of adventures, drugs, affairs, desires and traces of wisdom veiled with the fog of urban folklore..." (

 Universal Music Belgium   Vinyl (2xPD)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Crowded House - Together Alone  Crowded House - Together Alone

"...The album topped the album chart in New Zealand, reached number 2 in Australia and number 4 in the UK,..." (

 Capitol   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (Ltd)  Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (Ltd)

"...On Welcome to My DNA, their third studio album, Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson of Blackfield continue to pursue their neo-progressive Pink Floyd-meets-Tears for Fears sound, overlaying it with doom-ridden imagery.." (

 Kscope   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Favez - Bellefontaine Avenue  Favez - Bellefontaine Avenue

"...Based out of Lausanne Switzerland, Favez has been around for years and could be described as one of those bands that has achieved a lot by working very hard..." (

 Sticksister Records   Vinyl (LP)  €23.50 Αγορά 
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Cyanna Mercury - Archetypes
 Cyanna Mercury - Archetypes

“They call it “Psychedelic Folk” – the Greek act Cyanna Mercury present a pretty ambitious debut album – and with ambitious I mean that they did everything to put their creation into a proper frame. (

 Self Released   Vinyl (LP)  €20.00 Αγορά 
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Wild Beasts  - Boy King  (Ltd +7")
 Wild Beasts - Boy King (Ltd +7")

“...With Boy King, Wild Beasts regain some of the rugged conviction that rather dissipated on 2014’s more reflective Present Tense..." (

 Domino   Vinyl (LP+7")  €20.00 Αγορά 
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Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern  Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern

"...Saturns Pattern continues the purple patch Weller hit in 2008 with 22 Dreams, when he suddenly began to experiment with new ways of writing and recording..." (

 Parlophone   Vinyl (LP)  €20.00 Αγορά 
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Mad Season - Above (Ltd 2xLP)  Mad Season - Above (Ltd 2xLP)

The only album to be completed by the Seattle-based supergroup Mad Season, Above has achieved mythic status among rock music fans around the world...and be sure that worths the myth with every note on it!

 Music On Vinyl   8713748980726  €27.00 Αγορά 
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Woods - Love Is Love  Woods - Love Is Love

"...Filled with warmth, horns, and many messages of love, Woods’ tenth album is a feel-good record for these rough times..." (

 Woodsist   Vinyl (LP)  €24.00 Αγορά 
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Circuit Des Yeux - Portrait  Circuit Des Yeux - Portrait

"...the LP has a brevity that might actually strengthen its impact, much like the brief but extraordinary salvos of free music and agit-folk that graced the ESP-Disk’ catalog in the mid-1960s..." (

 De Stijl   Vinyl (LP)  €16.00 Αγορά 
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Motorpsycho - Roadwork Vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre (2xLP)  Motorpsycho - Roadwork Vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre (2xLP)

The second live album of the series, featuring the Source and Deathprod

 Stickman   Vinyl (2xLP)  €43.00 Αγορά 
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Nadine Shah - Holiday Destination (2xLP)  Nadine Shah - Holiday Destination (2xLP)

“...Though the political edge can sometimes distract from the beauty of the instrumentation, articulation and overall composition, it never gets boring, with little twists and turns that get better upon every listen..." (

 Apollo   Vinyl (2xLP)  €32.00 Αγορά 
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