Deus - In A Bar, Under The Sea (2xLP Picture Disc)

Deus - In A Bar, Under The Sea (2xLP Picture Disc)
Deus - In A Bar, Under The Sea (2xLP Picture Disc)
Format: Vinyl (2xPD) 
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Label (Code): Universal Music Belgium (5747902)
Special Attributes: Ltd Double Picture Disc
Release Date: 2017
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"...Under the Sea as the appropriate portrait of the lives of these everyday comfortable guys- lives full of adventures, drugs, affairs, desires and traces of wisdom veiled with the fog of urban folklore..." (

"...Despite of this humane character, In a Bar, Under the Sea is deeply demanding if you want to truly appreciate it. The music itself will begin to unfold after the first few listens, but there are tons of interesting noises and well-hidden melodies that lie under its stormy surface. And that's another point where the album seeks for open minded listeners, together with its smart but sometimes abstract lyrics: concrete enough as to withstand the criticism of intentional diversity, dEUS' second LP carries a aura of ever-changing disposition, making it an album of moments, not for its inconsistency but for its chameleontic nature. In a Bar, Under the Sea is suitable for partnership, almost every time and everywhere with different effects at a time: it can be a great weekend-at-the-sea buddy while it can also be a helpful, post-breakup friend. However, far from all these, In a Bar, Under the Sea is nothing more than the place it states it is: a colorful saloon with windows looking at great coral reefs, colorful fish and huge blue whales...." (

Track List

A1 I Don't Mind Whatever Happens    
A2 Fell Off The Floor, Man    
A3 Opening Night    
A4 Theme From Turnpike    

B1 Little Arithmetics    
B2 Gimme The Heat    
B3 Serpentine    
B4 A Shocking Lack Thereof
C1 Supermarketsong    
C2 Memory Of A Festival    
C3 Guilty Pleasures    
C4 Nine Threads    

D1 Disappointed In The Sun    
D2 Roses    
D3 Wake Me Up Before I Sleep

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