Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Ba Da Bing! (BING048)
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Release Date: 2006
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"...Beirut’s brilliant debut album is full of grandeur and intimacy, with accordions, ukuleles and brass instruments complementing contemporary notions like drum machines and digestible song structures while simultaneously channeling the ancient appeal of Balkan folk music." (

"..It's the simplicity that's the key; this could have been yet another pseudo-orchestral globe-straddling “epic” with every instrument on Earth thrown in just because, a bloated, meandering beast. But instead it's tightly focused, beautifully written, and totally without filler. It also could have been an air-tight bubble, too edited, too perfect, but everything is allowed to hang loose, to be a little ramshackle, to just breathe. It manages an open, unapologetic prettiness while never seeming delicate, like it'll break in your hands or blow away; Condon's warbly tenor has a full-throated authority even at its wispiest, and Barnes often sounds like he's hitting the snare with a closed fist" (Read more:

Track List

A1 The Gulag Orkestar         
A2 Prenzlauerberg          
A3 Brandenburg         
A4 Postcards From Italy         
A5 Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) 
B1 Rhineland (Heartland)         
B2 Scenic World         
B3 Bratislava         
B4 The Bunker         
B5 The Canals Of Our City     
B6 After The Curtain

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