LogOut ‎- Little Things Buried In Concrete

LogOut ‎- Little Things Buried In Concrete
LogOut ‎- Little Things Buried In Concrete
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear ‎(INN075L)
Special Attributes: Includes the album in CD. Vinyl housed on a printed inner sleeve with lyrics and credits, the CD housed on a cardboard sleeve with original artwork.
Release Date: 05/2013
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"...a bit of folk, a bit of post rock and even some indie pop mixed together into a great musical experience..." (

"...Little Things is a journey downwards through the thick layers of this metropolis, starting at ground-level with the driving, building beat of opener 'Newspapers', raising pulse rates and presenting an increasing frustration towards a false sense of content (“Everybody loves each other, yeah right,”). Escalating right until its end, with extra percussion being thrown in against the rising synth, horns and xylophone, the song is a fitting introduction to this excavation, scratching the surface and hauling paving slabs out the way so that we might travel further. Following in the electronic footsteps of the opener is 'Global Love', a song which tackles the consumerist-aided rise of fame and the consequential regret. A fast programmed beat sets the pace, complete with airy high toms and tinny hi hats, set against the fluctuating whistle of a passing synth. Similarly characterised by electronics is 'For You', a catchy encounter built upon the bedrock of deep synth notes and a 4/4 kick beat. The strange bedfellows of acoustic noodling and vocodered backing vocals accompany LogOut's voice in brief spells, making way for the instrumental chorus. Simple as it may be, 'For You' does deviate from the norms of pop, subtly lamenting the omnipresence and false promises of advertising..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Newspapers
A2 Global Love
A3 As If
A4 For You
A5 Broken Mirror

B1 Memory Gap
B2 Censored Title
B4 Hymn To Concrete
B5 ...Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I...

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